Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bloggie MOVED!

Hi Everybodies! I has moved my bloggie to Mommy might move it back, but she told me to tell yous to go to this other site instead for nows.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I has a new brother!

Hello Inter-nets! I has been very very busy, and this time I has a very good excuse! I has a brand new baby brother! His name is Cooper, and he is a Golden Retriever. He is almost 10 weeks old now, and finally sleeps long enough for me to have time to write in my bloggie. Mommy and Frank went to pick him up on a farm on Mommy's friend Jeanette's berfday! He had to ride home in a box... hee hee.

Mommy said that he didn't cry as much as I did when I was on my ride home. I just think he was too young to notice what was going on. I was 12 weeks old when I had to go on that long scary car ride! Cooper was just 8 weeks! He also didn't have such a long ride... less than an hour. I is still proud of him though, cuz I remember how scary my first long car ride was!

When he first got homes, I was confoosed, because I didn't know why Mommy and Frank were acting all different. Mommy took me upstairs and when I came back down (I reeeaally wanted to see what was going on) Cooper was in his box in the middle of the carpet! I had to investigate and I sniffed him and was not sure at first what he was.

The first day was a little crazy. Mommy said Cooper would sleep a lot, but he did NOT! He also wanted to chew on Charley tons, and it did not feel so good! I tried to tell him to stop but he's too littles to understand. I knew right away he was a baby though, so I just kept away from him when he decided to start using his teethies on Charley's tail!

Then we gots our first visitor, on that very first day!

Jeanette came to visit and she was excited to see Cooper (but Charley too I think), and then her and Mommy got all excited about some shiny thing she had on her hand. It didn't smell like chickens, so I don't understand what the fuss is about, but she was excited and Mommy was excited, so I guesses it's all okay. We played a little bits, and then Cooper finally fell asleep and gave Charley a little bit of a break!

Since then, it's been two weeks, and Cooper is growing sooper fast! He used to be all small, only 6 pounds. Now he's almost as big as Charley! But he's much more funs to play with now. We wrestle and we chase and it's very very awesome. Except when he steals my squeegee... but he's still a baby so I will give him a few extra chances to figure out that those are Charleys! I has to go out peepeedoodoo now, but I will update with more pictures soon!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Chicken Day!

Today was the day we ate the big chicken!! It cooked in the ovens for hours and hours. Mommy said it was really Thanks-giving... I is thankful that Mommy and Frank is giving me some big chickens! I hate waiting, but I was patient and asked nicely for my serving.
When it came out of the ovens, we had to wait even longer! Mommy made some gravee, and heated up the other foods that she and Frank made. It smelled soooo yummy! When I got a look at it, it looked pretty yummy too!
Frank and Mommy got a new terkey platter and it's pretty cool. It came from Pottery Barn. A barn with no chickens. Weird.
Charley got a special dindins with some terkey, some gravy, and some creamed spinach. I was so excited I might have accidentally flung kibbles across the room and got some spinach on the wall... but I cleaned up every bit! My plate was not as pretty as Mommy's:
When we was done, there was a lot left. Frank likes leftovers. I think that they should have shared more with Charley.
I wish every day was big chicken eating day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Traveling Charley and the Big Chicken!!!

Hi everybody! I know I hasn't been writing much in my bloggie lately, but I has a big update! It's almost holiday time, and I looooves holidays! Usually there is lots of foods, lots of sleeping, and lots of fun with peoples. Yesterday, Frank went to Gettysburg, PA where he likes to go to visit the battlefields, and he took Charley with him! Frank took lots of fotos of Charley exploring the battlefields. I is good at posing for fotos, but I was distracted by all the cool stuffs around to look at and sniff!
Frank says that I look like I'm on a velvet pillow in this foto. I think it needs to be softer.
I got to be King of the Mountain at Little Round Top. I don't understand the name, because it was not very little, and did not look round. But it was fun to be high up!
And since it was a battlefield, of course I had to get a foto of me with a flag.
The best part is that on the way home, we stopped in Maryland at a big chicken farm! My mom says it's a terkee, but it just looks like a big chicken to me! When we gots home at night time, Mommy helped so I could get a close up look.
Dunno why I needed to be soopervized. It's not like I wanted to lick it. Or maybe just a little.
I tried to claim the big chicken for Charley. I don't think it worked.
Then I got even more confused cuz mommy and frank made some yummy stuff (they said it's called 'brine') and then put the chicken in a bag with it. It looked less like a chicken... but I'm still willing to eat it!
It's been a good fun few days! Tomorrow we gets to eat the big chicken! Hooray!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Berfday!

My moms daddy (we call him Big Dad) had a berfday last weekend! Charley got to go with Frank and Mommy to their house to celebrate. I gots to play with my sister Gracie, and then the peoples went to a moovie called Skyfall. I asked if I could go cuz I heard that if the sky is falling there might be a little chicken involved, but they said no.
It's okay though, cuz I still got to play with Gracie, and I also got to get some yummies when everyone got home and made dindins. After dinners, Big Dad made fancy coffees (cappuccinos and espressos and lungos).
Then the peoples had cupcakes from a bakery that does yummy ones that were red velvet, mango, and peanut butter cup. No cupcakes for Charley and Gracie :-(
They had sooper cool candles - the flames were colors! I would have gotten a closer look but I'm not allowed in the fancy eating room. I think Big Mom thought they were cool too.
Happy Berfday Big Dad! Maybe next year you'll share your cake with Charley?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Breaux Vineyards Picnic Day!

Today we all got to go to Breaux Vineyards for a picnic! Apparently, my mommy owed Frank a picnic, so she made chicken salad sammiches, potato salad, and other picnic stuffs, and we went! If you don't know what a picnic is, it's AWESOME. It's like dindins, only the peoples eat on the floor with the puppies! Mommy and Frank brought books to read, which is boring... Charley would rather be chasing squirrels. It was cold outside at first, but then the sun came out and Charley got to fall asleep in a sunbeam, which is one of my favorite things!
Ginger and Frank felled asleep in the sun too. Hee hee...
My mommy took some pictures of me with her wine glass, because peoples kept walking by and going 'oooo' cuz it looked like Charley was drinking wines. (Charley was not drinking wines, I is not 21).
We had a fun day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I loves Birthdays!

Hi Everyones!

I has not updated in a long times, because my mommy hasn't been taking any good pictures. Also, Mommy and Frank keep going on adventures without Charley (gasp!). They went to Gettysburg, and mommy went to California, and they went to Mount Vernon lots of times... anyway.

Last weekend I gots to go to a birthday party! I thought it was a birthday party for Charley, but then found out it was for Jeanette. I got there sooper early with mommy and her friend Jenee, and we decorated all over. The theme was 'Margaritas and Munchies' - I never has had a margarita, but I loooove munchies! Everyone (except for Charley and Toby) got their own Margarita glasses to bring home with them! I asked mommy if i could have hers... she said no. Poopies.
I runned around all night (oh, I forgot to mention it was a sleep over!!) and hung out with everyones. Rachel brought her doggie named Toby who is also a hot doggie! We played a bit and then just kinda ignored each other. I spent a lot of time especially with Mo, who is sooper cool. I licked her nose a lot and we played and she rubbed my tummy!
Jeanette opened pressies (Charley didn't get any pressies... grrr) and everyone also played a game called Apples to Apples. I don't know why it is called thats - I loves apples! I did not see or smell one single apple (or even a little piece of an apple) the whole time! But everyones was laughing ad having fun, so I guess it's okay.
Everyone stayed up pretty late and had lots of margaritas and sangria and munchies (tacos, brownies, meatballs, dip, you name it!! I even gots some meatballs!!) Later on in the night time Jeanette and Amy and mommy were playing Disney Scene it and then fell asleep. I has the proof...
It was a really fun night! In the morning we had tacos and meatballs (I had some meatballs again) for breakfast... hee hee. Then my mommy thought it would be funny to wrap me up in 30th birthday caution tape... it wasn't MY birthday mommy!!
The whole nights was sooper awesome. I wish it was a birthday every single day!!!