Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww water!

Hi to all the doggies in cyber spaces! Hasn't really written in my bloggies in a looooong time. I's been busy. Mostly sleepies and eating, but those is the most importantest things to a charley doggie like I is. But anyways, on to the part of why I was writing in my bloggie today (other than my mommy is boring and I wanted somethings to do).

Today mommy decided I was dirty. Silly mommy, I's been dirty for aaaaaaaages. Why does I has to get cleans today? I gots all the nice smellies from the doggie park and the outdoors and everyfing elses. Getting clean makes them all gones! But mommy said it's been too much time since my last bath and so I says... poopies for mommy.

At first I forgot that I don't like waters. Then mommy poured some water on my head! And that meant it's time to escape! But I didn't gets to escape. I got back in the tubs and then mommy gave me some yummy chicken hot doggies. I didn't knows that chickens and hot doggies could be the sames. But mommy says so, and they's yummy, so I guess that's all that is emportant.

When I finally gots out mommy said she had to make sure I was nice and dry and then I has to stay indoors for a few hours. So now i is on my mommy's pillow watching out the window for intruders (you know, peoples, doggies, birdies, skwerrels, cars... leaves... wind... rocks...)

I likes the videeeoohs stuffs, so I has put one of me doing my little post-bath routine. Not really a routine cuz mommy never remembers to bathe me but maybe one time per month or some times 2 months. But I likes to shake and then dig and then rub (mostly my face) alll overs! Yaaaaaaay. At the ends of the videeeohs, I earns some mores of those chicken hot doggies doing mommy's favorite trick. I wroted about its befores in this bloggie, but if you don't 'member, iz okies, cuz its in the videeeeohs.

Hope everyones is having a nice Febraaury. Some days here it is okies and we go to the park. But some days it is yukky and icy and I stays inside and drives mommy cwazy insteads. Hee hee.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Charley, we like the rolling and shaking part but you need to stop that tricks part because you are making some of us look bad!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

scooter said...

Charleys !!!
Daddy gaves me a bath tonights, and I blames yous! He must has got the ideas from you, as he said that I smell like a wets doggies, and now I is a wets doggies, excepts me now smells like baby powders. :-(
We must go to the doggies parks and get our smells backs!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Charley!
Is that your after bath routine?? Sure is funny!
Good job with the tricks and getting the treats!
I hope you had a great weekend!

CoCo said...

Hi Charley,

You sure are cute! I have a bath routine too. My Mama recorded it on video and I posted it on one of my bloggies in December 07. My Mama said you look calm and collective in trying to dry yourself. You make me look like a crazy maniac. I don't like water either...I like it for drinking, not for bathing. That is a good trick you do in sitting up...I can do that one too!


P.S. thanks for the tip on Chicken Hot Dogs!