Sunday, December 18, 2011

I loves Birthdays!

Hi Everyones!

I has not updated in a long times, because my mommy hasn't been taking any good pictures. Also, Mommy and Frank keep going on adventures without Charley (gasp!). They went to Gettysburg, and mommy went to California, and they went to Mount Vernon lots of times... anyway.

Last weekend I gots to go to a birthday party! I thought it was a birthday party for Charley, but then found out it was for Jeanette. I got there sooper early with mommy and her friend Jenee, and we decorated all over. The theme was 'Margaritas and Munchies' - I never has had a margarita, but I loooove munchies! Everyone (except for Charley and Toby) got their own Margarita glasses to bring home with them! I asked mommy if i could have hers... she said no. Poopies.
I runned around all night (oh, I forgot to mention it was a sleep over!!) and hung out with everyones. Rachel brought her doggie named Toby who is also a hot doggie! We played a bit and then just kinda ignored each other. I spent a lot of time especially with Mo, who is sooper cool. I licked her nose a lot and we played and she rubbed my tummy!
Jeanette opened pressies (Charley didn't get any pressies... grrr) and everyone also played a game called Apples to Apples. I don't know why it is called thats - I loves apples! I did not see or smell one single apple (or even a little piece of an apple) the whole time! But everyones was laughing ad having fun, so I guess it's okay.
Everyone stayed up pretty late and had lots of margaritas and sangria and munchies (tacos, brownies, meatballs, dip, you name it!! I even gots some meatballs!!) Later on in the night time Jeanette and Amy and mommy were playing Disney Scene it and then fell asleep. I has the proof...
It was a really fun night! In the morning we had tacos and meatballs (I had some meatballs again) for breakfast... hee hee. Then my mommy thought it would be funny to wrap me up in 30th birthday caution tape... it wasn't MY birthday mommy!!
The whole nights was sooper awesome. I wish it was a birthday every single day!!!