Saturday, October 6, 2012

Breaux Vineyards Picnic Day!

Today we all got to go to Breaux Vineyards for a picnic! Apparently, my mommy owed Frank a picnic, so she made chicken salad sammiches, potato salad, and other picnic stuffs, and we went! If you don't know what a picnic is, it's AWESOME. It's like dindins, only the peoples eat on the floor with the puppies! Mommy and Frank brought books to read, which is boring... Charley would rather be chasing squirrels. It was cold outside at first, but then the sun came out and Charley got to fall asleep in a sunbeam, which is one of my favorite things!
Ginger and Frank felled asleep in the sun too. Hee hee...
My mommy took some pictures of me with her wine glass, because peoples kept walking by and going 'oooo' cuz it looked like Charley was drinking wines. (Charley was not drinking wines, I is not 21).
We had a fun day!