Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I has a new brother!

Hello Inter-nets! I has been very very busy, and this time I has a very good excuse! I has a brand new baby brother! His name is Cooper, and he is a Golden Retriever. He is almost 10 weeks old now, and finally sleeps long enough for me to have time to write in my bloggie. Mommy and Frank went to pick him up on a farm on Mommy's friend Jeanette's berfday! He had to ride home in a box... hee hee.

Mommy said that he didn't cry as much as I did when I was on my ride home. I just think he was too young to notice what was going on. I was 12 weeks old when I had to go on that long scary car ride! Cooper was just 8 weeks! He also didn't have such a long ride... less than an hour. I is still proud of him though, cuz I remember how scary my first long car ride was!

When he first got homes, I was confoosed, because I didn't know why Mommy and Frank were acting all different. Mommy took me upstairs and when I came back down (I reeeaally wanted to see what was going on) Cooper was in his box in the middle of the carpet! I had to investigate and I sniffed him and was not sure at first what he was.

The first day was a little crazy. Mommy said Cooper would sleep a lot, but he did NOT! He also wanted to chew on Charley tons, and it did not feel so good! I tried to tell him to stop but he's too littles to understand. I knew right away he was a baby though, so I just kept away from him when he decided to start using his teethies on Charley's tail!

Then we gots our first visitor, on that very first day!

Jeanette came to visit and she was excited to see Cooper (but Charley too I think), and then her and Mommy got all excited about some shiny thing she had on her hand. It didn't smell like chickens, so I don't understand what the fuss is about, but she was excited and Mommy was excited, so I guesses it's all okay. We played a little bits, and then Cooper finally fell asleep and gave Charley a little bit of a break!

Since then, it's been two weeks, and Cooper is growing sooper fast! He used to be all small, only 6 pounds. Now he's almost as big as Charley! But he's much more funs to play with now. We wrestle and we chase and it's very very awesome. Except when he steals my squeegee... but he's still a baby so I will give him a few extra chances to figure out that those are Charleys! I has to go out peepeedoodoo now, but I will update with more pictures soon!