Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brunch Visit!

Another thing I has been doing a lot lately is visiting big mom and big dad. They lives in a different house and we have to go in the vroom vroom to get theres. Mommy says I has to stop crying so much when we is driving there, but I can't help it, I is sooo excited!

In March I gots to visit for brunch (it's like breakfast, but AGAIN!). I also got ot see my sister Gracie! I misses her, and I is glad she's coming back to the area soon so we can play lots!

When I is not playing with Gracie, my favorite thing to do at big mom and big dad's house is to look out the ginormous window in the kitchen. If I is lucky, I see some squirrels!!

We had lots of good foods. But none for Charley (well, except a few blueberries, but don't tell anybodies!)

And after most of it got eaten, I even got to sit at the table!

After long days of playing with Gracie I usually need a lot of sleep. Thank goodness for my Snoozer!

A favorite snack!

One thing I did lots of times in the last few months is have treats! It's one of my favoritest things in the whole wide worlds. And one of my favoritestest treats is chickens. But when there isn't any chickens, there's sometimes carrots! I thinks theys frozen carrots, because they's sooper cold. But they is sooooo yummy... a few weeks ago I got a really big one!

Since you has nothing better to do, hope you enjoy watching Charley has a carrot. Speedy looks sad, but don't be fooled! He already ate his carrot. I promise!

Lots of bloggie coming!!

I has been sooper busy, and my mommy has been sooper busy, so I has not been making posts on my bloggie. This happens ALL THE TIME, so I decided to get all my stuffs ready to go so I could make lots of updates the next time mommy let me use the compooter. And her we is! Mommy promised Charley that he could update this week - so hold your kibbles kids, here comes updates!

(I is hard at work typing, so this could take awhile)