Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brunch Visit!

Another thing I has been doing a lot lately is visiting big mom and big dad. They lives in a different house and we have to go in the vroom vroom to get theres. Mommy says I has to stop crying so much when we is driving there, but I can't help it, I is sooo excited!

In March I gots to visit for brunch (it's like breakfast, but AGAIN!). I also got ot see my sister Gracie! I misses her, and I is glad she's coming back to the area soon so we can play lots!

When I is not playing with Gracie, my favorite thing to do at big mom and big dad's house is to look out the ginormous window in the kitchen. If I is lucky, I see some squirrels!!

We had lots of good foods. But none for Charley (well, except a few blueberries, but don't tell anybodies!)

And after most of it got eaten, I even got to sit at the table!

After long days of playing with Gracie I usually need a lot of sleep. Thank goodness for my Snoozer!

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