Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I loooooves berfdays!

Hihihihis again! I has been very busy (like a beeeeeeeeeee) playing and sleeping and having berfdays! Not my berfday... but other berfdays.

Aunti Julie had a berfday on the 29th of Febbyewairy. That is a hard word, mommy sounded it out for me. We went to mommy's mommy's and daddy's house, and had a great dindins and celebrations.

Firsts, we opened prezzies! Julie got a photo album that was all pixtures of Gracie! And a few pixtures of me. And even a pixture of Scooter!

She also got some stinky stuff for the baths. And some other things too. And big balloonies!

After prezzies Gracie and I played some bitey face for awhile. It was fun, but I is embarrassed that mommy got it in a pixture. Sneaky mommy!

When we plays bitey-face, we is sooper ferocious. Like wolfs or big doggies. But we never hurts each other. Sometimes peoples get scared... and it's funny. But it's just playtimes. Bitey-face is one of my favorite games with Gracie and with Scooter!

The peoples had their dindins and some cake. They didn't share with the doggies. Boo on that. But Gracie and I got to play lots, and we got lots of pets and hugs. We played soo hugely much that by the end of the night I curled up in a comfy corner. Mommy looked at me and laughed, I didn't know why. Then mommy's daddy pulled the tablecloth over me. It was nice and safe and dark. I was gonna go sleepies, but then then made me come out. Poopies.

I thinks though, that I likes berfdays. Next time I can get on the compooter I will write about Patrick's berfday!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES the doggie park!

I is sooper happy cuz the weather has been nice for the last lots of days. It was snowy and icy and cold and wet befores that. So when weather is good and happy, mommy takes me to the doggie park! We went a few dayses ago, and this time she took pixtures! There was this sooper cool schnoodle there named MJ who I played with lots. And of course I played with Scooter a lot too! The other doggie in the pixture is Miles.

She also tooks videos of me running arounds and arounds, which is my favorite thing to do some days. Some days I likes to kind of just watch and wander around. But this day I was soooooooooooo excited to be at the doggie park that I ran for ages! I ran lots with MJ, and some more with a little white doggie that was cool. I didn't know her name thoughs.

So we gots to stay at the doggie park for ages! It was sooper fun. I played and played and played. Mommy brought some kibble too, and she called me to come sometimes and gave me one. She says that I never listens when we is at the park, so we has to practice. I think that's okies, since it means I get a yummy!

After we finished at the doggie park, we had dindins. And then I think we played some mores. But I can't remember. But one day (maybe this day) Patrick brought me a bobo toy! Scooter and I played and played and then we played tug o wars. Then we destroyed it! Mwahahaha. We chewed it all up. Patrick hid the squeaky from us thoughs. I has pixtures of that too, and maybe some more mooo vies. I'll ask mommy if we can post some of it sometime soon. For now's here's more moovies from the day at the doggie park! It's from playing with the fun white doggie.

I guesses I has lots to say. I also had a great time yesterdays with my mommy's mommy and my mommy's daddy and my auntie Julie and Gracie. I got lots of rubs, and I alsos got to play a game with a ball where mommy and mommy's daddy rolled it around and Gracie and I's chased it! It was soooper cool.