Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Inter-Nets!

Hi internets! This week has been different than usual, because my mommy has been home with Charley! (and Ginger, and Speedy) I asked her if she can stay home all the time but she said that she has to go to the work place. I don’t like the work place, because I is not allowed to go theres… so it must be a bad place.

Mommy has been acting kinda weird though, she sleeps a lot and doesn’t play as much with me, which is poopy. But Frank got me a prezzie for Hanukkah! It’s a Snoozer bed and it’s soooper awesome!

I sometimes sleep on top, sometimes on the “porch” which is really fluffy, and sometmes all the way in the back. It’s sooper warm and awesome. So that’s what’s been going on in Charley-land… I wishes I had more to say but it’s been boooooring here.