Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I loves doxie meetups!

Hihihi to everybodies out in the bloggie world! I has been sooper busies as usual, but I has to share something cools I did the other days.

Mommy sometimes takes me to something called a doxie meetup. It's like a big party for just long doggies like I is. This time it was at a person called Brookes house. Brookes house has a pool! I got there and I remembered it from last year. I learned to swim in her pool last year. This time I was still scared but not as much scared. Mommy put me in a few times. I think I might have liked it but not quite enough to jump in myself yet. There were doggies everywheres, and there was even doggie cheesecake! Mommy shared some of her hot doggie too.

Here is a pixtur of me swimming. Patrick says that the caption should be "Up, Periscope!"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gardening and going to a Vineyard!

This weekend has been hugely lots of fun! Gracie came to visit, and then I went to visit Gracie. I gots to play muchos with scooter, and then we did some new stuffs for the rest of the weekend which I is sooper excited to tell you about!!

Firsts, yesterdays mommy did something called gardening. She said that she didn't like the stuff growing outsides of the house and so she and Patrick dug everythings up (except the tree) and planted new flowers and stuffs. It looks lots better. And Scooter got to dig, so he was sooper happy.

Then today, we wents to a vineyard! It was called Loudoun Valley Vineyard. I don't know what a vine is. But I know what a yard is. It was not what I expected. There was no fences. But lots of grass and plants and people and doggies. Mommy said it was an event called "Bark and Wine" which means the doggies get to bark and walk around and the peoples get to have wines. I didn't get any wines. But when we got there, we went to a tent and mommy and Patrick got baggies that had goodies for me and Scooter! They had bandannas and water and cookies!

We took a walk around the vineyard and then hung out whiles mommy and Patrick had some wine and some foods from a picnic basket. They shared the foods but not the wine. The foods was good... they hads bread and brie and salami and grapes and apples and cookies. I got some of everything but the grapes and cookies.

By the times we was done, we was all pooped. It's a long but fun weekend. And mommy said she gets to stay home tomorrow from work. Hooray!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots going on in Charley-land

Sowwy that I hasn't updated in a longs times. Mommy has been busy, which means that she doesn't let me update my bloggie. *sniff*

But there's been lots going on! Mommy says I don't have much times to update, so I gots to be as fast as I can. A whiles ago Mommy's Mommy and Daddy went away on a trip to another place far away. So we went to live at their house to help out while they were gones. Which means I gots to live with Gracie! For two whole weeks! We played and played and played lots, and got to go to Beth's every day to run around in her backyard (like a little doggie park) with Murphy. By the ends of the two weeks we was so tired we spended most of our time sleeping. Expecially when there was a sunbeam to sleep in.

Then last weekends Mommy and Patrick left me and Scooter at a Dogs Day Out for the whole weekends! I hasn't been theres for a long time. I forgotted it. I was so scared when mommmy left me that I peed on the floor. But I think it was okay. I got to runs around lots and lots all weekends with Scooter! Dogs Day Out is a nice place with fences to keep the big doggies from getting too close to me and Scooter. Mommy and Patrick went to New York to meet more peoples. But no doggies, so I don't mind. I wishes I could go with them though. Mommy said I would be scared of the plan. I isn't scared of nothing!

This week has been goods, with lots of visits to the doggie park. I has been playing fetch with mommy. Yay! I gots go now!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I loooooves berfdays!

Hihihihis again! I has been very busy (like a beeeeeeeeeee) playing and sleeping and having berfdays! Not my berfday... but other berfdays.

Aunti Julie had a berfday on the 29th of Febbyewairy. That is a hard word, mommy sounded it out for me. We went to mommy's mommy's and daddy's house, and had a great dindins and celebrations.

Firsts, we opened prezzies! Julie got a photo album that was all pixtures of Gracie! And a few pixtures of me. And even a pixture of Scooter!

She also got some stinky stuff for the baths. And some other things too. And big balloonies!

After prezzies Gracie and I played some bitey face for awhile. It was fun, but I is embarrassed that mommy got it in a pixture. Sneaky mommy!

When we plays bitey-face, we is sooper ferocious. Like wolfs or big doggies. But we never hurts each other. Sometimes peoples get scared... and it's funny. But it's just playtimes. Bitey-face is one of my favorite games with Gracie and with Scooter!

The peoples had their dindins and some cake. They didn't share with the doggies. Boo on that. But Gracie and I got to play lots, and we got lots of pets and hugs. We played soo hugely much that by the end of the night I curled up in a comfy corner. Mommy looked at me and laughed, I didn't know why. Then mommy's daddy pulled the tablecloth over me. It was nice and safe and dark. I was gonna go sleepies, but then then made me come out. Poopies.

I thinks though, that I likes berfdays. Next time I can get on the compooter I will write about Patrick's berfday!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Me LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES the doggie park!

I is sooper happy cuz the weather has been nice for the last lots of days. It was snowy and icy and cold and wet befores that. So when weather is good and happy, mommy takes me to the doggie park! We went a few dayses ago, and this time she took pixtures! There was this sooper cool schnoodle there named MJ who I played with lots. And of course I played with Scooter a lot too! The other doggie in the pixture is Miles.

She also tooks videos of me running arounds and arounds, which is my favorite thing to do some days. Some days I likes to kind of just watch and wander around. But this day I was soooooooooooo excited to be at the doggie park that I ran for ages! I ran lots with MJ, and some more with a little white doggie that was cool. I didn't know her name thoughs.

So we gots to stay at the doggie park for ages! It was sooper fun. I played and played and played. Mommy brought some kibble too, and she called me to come sometimes and gave me one. She says that I never listens when we is at the park, so we has to practice. I think that's okies, since it means I get a yummy!

After we finished at the doggie park, we had dindins. And then I think we played some mores. But I can't remember. But one day (maybe this day) Patrick brought me a bobo toy! Scooter and I played and played and then we played tug o wars. Then we destroyed it! Mwahahaha. We chewed it all up. Patrick hid the squeaky from us thoughs. I has pixtures of that too, and maybe some more mooo vies. I'll ask mommy if we can post some of it sometime soon. For now's here's more moovies from the day at the doggie park! It's from playing with the fun white doggie.

I guesses I has lots to say. I also had a great time yesterdays with my mommy's mommy and my mommy's daddy and my auntie Julie and Gracie. I got lots of rubs, and I alsos got to play a game with a ball where mommy and mommy's daddy rolled it around and Gracie and I's chased it! It was soooper cool.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww water!

Hi to all the doggies in cyber spaces! Hasn't really written in my bloggies in a looooong time. I's been busy. Mostly sleepies and eating, but those is the most importantest things to a charley doggie like I is. But anyways, on to the part of why I was writing in my bloggie today (other than my mommy is boring and I wanted somethings to do).

Today mommy decided I was dirty. Silly mommy, I's been dirty for aaaaaaaages. Why does I has to get cleans today? I gots all the nice smellies from the doggie park and the outdoors and everyfing elses. Getting clean makes them all gones! But mommy said it's been too much time since my last bath and so I says... poopies for mommy.

At first I forgot that I don't like waters. Then mommy poured some water on my head! And that meant it's time to escape! But I didn't gets to escape. I got back in the tubs and then mommy gave me some yummy chicken hot doggies. I didn't knows that chickens and hot doggies could be the sames. But mommy says so, and they's yummy, so I guess that's all that is emportant.

When I finally gots out mommy said she had to make sure I was nice and dry and then I has to stay indoors for a few hours. So now i is on my mommy's pillow watching out the window for intruders (you know, peoples, doggies, birdies, skwerrels, cars... leaves... wind... rocks...)

I likes the videeeoohs stuffs, so I has put one of me doing my little post-bath routine. Not really a routine cuz mommy never remembers to bathe me but maybe one time per month or some times 2 months. But I likes to shake and then dig and then rub (mostly my face) alll overs! Yaaaaaaay. At the ends of the videeeohs, I earns some mores of those chicken hot doggies doing mommy's favorite trick. I wroted about its befores in this bloggie, but if you don't 'member, iz okies, cuz its in the videeeeohs.

Hope everyones is having a nice Febraaury. Some days here it is okies and we go to the park. But some days it is yukky and icy and I stays inside and drives mommy cwazy insteads. Hee hee.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Video from baby me

Mommy made me post this, I doesn't remembers it. But she says this is me when I was 5 or 6 weeks old. I is the black one that stumbles into the pixture and then goes to play with the carpet by myself. I still plays with the carpet...

Friday, January 25, 2008

My ears is back!

Hi! I is sooooooooo happy cuz my mommy took my bandages off yesterdays! She says she is worried that I might bleed mores, but so far there's no bloods. Just some sticky stuff on my ear from the tape. Mommy says it will go away soons. Also, I just learned about the videeeohs, like moving pixturs. So I has one that my mommy took of me today! Mommy had a yuuummy chewie and I wanted it. So I dids what i always does to get food from mommy. I doesn't know why it works, but it almost always does! I sits up in my butt, with my pawsies in the airs, and then I gets yummies!

YAY for no more bandages! I thinks that I is going to find more videeeohs to show all my doggie bloggie friends from when I was a baby puppy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Cleaning is dumb

My mommy left me at Patrick's to play yesterday, which was funs. But then I camed home, and it was all weird around the house. Specially in my mommy's bedroom. It used to have lots of fun stuff around. Mommy called it a rawhide grave yard. Cuz I likes to hide stuffs in corners and every things, and bring stuff to chew on all at once on the floors.

I sniffed arounds for ages, but I didn't see most of my chewies anymores! Mommy says they was old. I thinks that she is olds! This is dumb. Here is a pixture of me on the bed. Blankies aren't messed up or anythings. I is soooo confooosed. I want my mess back!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


My mommy got a prezzie! From her friend at workies (I hate workies, I never get to go theres with mommy. Anyways, I don't know what it is really, but it looks like me!! Mommy says it's a coast errr or somethings like thats. I don't know what that is. But it's pretty cool. Mommy's friend at workies does some type of art engraving and made it for hers!

I looooooves prezzies, even when they's not for me.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years and lots of chicken!

Happy New Years! My mommy said to say thats. I is confoosed, cuz I had my berfday days and days ago, and I thoughts that was my new years. But I guess this is everybodies new years? Anyways, Happy New Years. I got to be with mommy and Patrick and Scooter, and we got an extra treat that mommy didn't plan. Mommy wasn't looking, and I stoled a whole bag of chicken poppers! Well not a wholes bag, but lots and it was awesome! Then I was soooper hyper and energetic all night longs. Mommy was mad I thinks, but she took me outside two times, so I could walk around and get some of my energy out, in the middle of the nights! I thinks that maybes I was finally sleepies around twos or threes in the mornings.

Then today's I napped all the days long... Scooter and I made a puppy pile on the couch and dozed. It was soooo nice. Then mommy and me went to see mommy's mommy and daddy agains! They had fishies for dindins. I gots some potato when I sat up sooper cute and looked sad. Hee hee. They always falls for that twick.