Monday, January 21, 2008

Cleaning is dumb

My mommy left me at Patrick's to play yesterday, which was funs. But then I camed home, and it was all weird around the house. Specially in my mommy's bedroom. It used to have lots of fun stuff around. Mommy called it a rawhide grave yard. Cuz I likes to hide stuffs in corners and every things, and bring stuff to chew on all at once on the floors.

I sniffed arounds for ages, but I didn't see most of my chewies anymores! Mommy says they was old. I thinks that she is olds! This is dumb. Here is a pixture of me on the bed. Blankies aren't messed up or anythings. I is soooo confooosed. I want my mess back!


Mommy's mom said...

Oh Charley! Mommy was just being a good mommy. Can't wait to see your re-organized space. Hugs!!

powder-puff said...

Hey Charley!!

OH its this thing that the hoomans do called cleaning, but trust me i hate it!!

I still cant believe she threw out all those good rawhide chews!!

Lots of Love!

peace out