Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking out the window is fuuuun

Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 'Member how I said that the new big couch smelld yummy but I was sad cuz I couldn't get up on top to watch the outsides anymore? Well... I figured it out! I can still sit up top to watch, it's just squishy. But it's kinda a cool sort of squishy. Anyhooos, here's picturegraphically prooving evidence that I know how to look out the window again. I'm sooper happy.

Alsos I have more picturesquegraphiconical showings of why i loves looking out the window so much! Look at what you can see! Its' all pretty and bright and there's birdses and squirrels and peoples and doggies. It's super very cool and stuffs.

Now that I finished updating you on the window I guess I'll tell you about my sister Gracie who is so great. She looks the same as me but she is the color that my face is all over her body. And she's kinda girly looking. I am very masculini. Like a boy puppy should be! But Gracie is my sister and I love her tons and tons and tons. She's sooper cool to play with, and her mommy comes over with her sometimes and we get to play for a whole day! Today my mommy took Gracie and me on a loooong walkies. We went down paths we never did befores, but there was lots of good new stuffs to smell, so I liked it a lot. I hope we go walkies in the new places again soon.

Time for nappies, I is vewwy tired.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cozy Nest

I discovered something new and fabulouso a little while ago and I forgot to tell you all about it. How could I? Telling you about stuff is what a bloggie is for, or so says mommy. I guess maybe I was busy eating. or thinking about eating. Or begging for chicken. Mmmm... chicken.

Anyhoooooooooooos my mommy was ignoring me and I was really sad, but I guess that maaaaybe she had stuff to do? She went downstairsed and when she came back she had a big white basket in her arms. She put it on the floor and I had to go sniffy. It looked like clothes, but smelld... like there was never a doggie anywheres near them. How weird? Mommy dumpt the basket all out on the couch and went to find the clicky for the picture box. I took a closer look... and feel... it was all warm! Mommy keeps it waaaaaaaaay too cold in the house so I was a little bit freezing. So what does a freezing puppy do when he finds something warm? Bees happy and climbs right in! Mommy came back and laughed and took a picture of me. nothing funny about warm cozy! It's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. She said somethings about washing the clothes again. Maybe she'll do it every day so I have a nice warm bed to burrow in!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Suprise visit today! I was sleeping (shhhh... don't tell mommy, I want her to think I'm pining away when she's gone so she comes home fast!!) and I heard the scraping at the door that always happens before it opens and mommy comes home. I scrambled up, all ready to be jumpy and excited and make mommy take me out to play. Then I saw that it wasn't mommy. It was my mommy's mommy! Yay! I got so excited that I think I made some potty on the floor. But she didn't get mad. I got to go outside, but it was wet and yucky so I came in fast. Mommy's mommy petted me and rubbed me and kept me company for awhile. Then she left. I'm sad now. But I'm gonna go back to sleep and get ready to greet mommy when she comes home later. I hope she hasn't abandonedd her Charley. I'm too cute to be forgotten!

Monday, September 10, 2007

New furniture!

So my mommy brought home some new furniture the other day. It's big and black and fluffy and kinda smells like something I wanna chew. My mommy really seems to like it though, so I'd probably be in big trouble if I chewed... but it smells so yummy!

The only part thats yucky is that I can't look out the window anymore! The new furniture is all fluffy on top so I fall off when I try to be on top of it. Who's gonna watch for the squirrels and people and all the stuff to bark at?!

I took a little sleepie on it yesterday, wrapped in a blankie. It was comfy. Then Patrick came over and brought CHICKEN CHEWIES!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New doggie park?

Hihihihihihihihihi! I have sooooooo much good things to tell you about fun times that I got to have a few days ago!

Auntie Julie and Gracie came to visit and then we all got in the vroomie together. I kept looking and looking and I didn't know where we were vrooming to. Mommy was excited though. I asked Gracie and she didn't know either.

We got to this place with lots of trees and grass and people and... doggies! We were at Scout's house! It was just like the doggie park, but with more room for running around. Scooter and I did lots of running. Then we found a spot on the ground that smelled soooooooooo cool. I had to roll and wiggle and try so hard to get some of that smell to come with me. And I did! Mommy was mad... dunno why cuz it smelled so great!

There was more great smelly stuff all over. Then I smelled some stuff I knew... those long meaty yummy thingys... I think they are called hot doggies, but they don't look or smell liek doggies so i guess I'm confuoosed. Someone different was making them smell so good, but they smelled the same as when mommys daddy does it. Then there were all types of smells and the people were sitting down with all those smells way up high! I just had to get some of that yummy meat stick. I was soooo patient, and only jumped a little. Mommy gave me a little taste! But then when she got up Gracie jumped up on her chair and made everyone laugh... but I think her mommy got a little mad. But the meaty yumyum was soooo good I wish I could have it every day!

It was a super fun time, I hope I get to go back soon!