Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Suprise visit today! I was sleeping (shhhh... don't tell mommy, I want her to think I'm pining away when she's gone so she comes home fast!!) and I heard the scraping at the door that always happens before it opens and mommy comes home. I scrambled up, all ready to be jumpy and excited and make mommy take me out to play. Then I saw that it wasn't mommy. It was my mommy's mommy! Yay! I got so excited that I think I made some potty on the floor. But she didn't get mad. I got to go outside, but it was wet and yucky so I came in fast. Mommy's mommy petted me and rubbed me and kept me company for awhile. Then she left. I'm sad now. But I'm gonna go back to sleep and get ready to greet mommy when she comes home later. I hope she hasn't abandonedd her Charley. I'm too cute to be forgotten!

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scooter said...

Hey Charley
Your mommys mommy's always giving me nice neck rubs. Me like those, they's really nice. Say hellos to her for me!