Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking out the window is fuuuun

Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 'Member how I said that the new big couch smelld yummy but I was sad cuz I couldn't get up on top to watch the outsides anymore? Well... I figured it out! I can still sit up top to watch, it's just squishy. But it's kinda a cool sort of squishy. Anyhooos, here's picturegraphically prooving evidence that I know how to look out the window again. I'm sooper happy.

Alsos I have more picturesquegraphiconical showings of why i loves looking out the window so much! Look at what you can see! Its' all pretty and bright and there's birdses and squirrels and peoples and doggies. It's super very cool and stuffs.

Now that I finished updating you on the window I guess I'll tell you about my sister Gracie who is so great. She looks the same as me but she is the color that my face is all over her body. And she's kinda girly looking. I am very masculini. Like a boy puppy should be! But Gracie is my sister and I love her tons and tons and tons. She's sooper cool to play with, and her mommy comes over with her sometimes and we get to play for a whole day! Today my mommy took Gracie and me on a loooong walkies. We went down paths we never did befores, but there was lots of good new stuffs to smell, so I liked it a lot. I hope we go walkies in the new places again soon.

Time for nappies, I is vewwy tired.


scooter said...

Charleys your sosas is still too big for mes to go climbing on it.
Mes like your sosas cause it's squishy likes a clouds. Me thinks coulds are squishys coz they look squishys.
Hey Charleys me has to go to the doctors the other days, she gaves me icky injections :-( But me feels ok, me not sure whys me went theres. Me gonna leave daddy a nice big poopy on the floors because of thats !

Charley said...

What are clouds?

Sowwwy about the doktor, but I is happy that you feel okies. My mommy said your daddy said something about 1 year or 3 year somethings. Maybe they happen all the time every 1 or 3 years no matter if you feel good or not?