Friday, December 28, 2007

Bear Arm Gone!

The bear arm is no longer stuck in my tummy!! It came up last nights, and it was all big and weird looking. It was yukky and hard to get up, but Patrick helped me. And now I feels much better. Excepting for the one thing...

My head started bleeding again. Stoopid ear infection. Mommy put a bandage and a sock on my heads again. And that stoopid cone. Mommy called the vet and has an appointment with a new vet to try and get the bleeding to stop starting all the times. But I doesn't care... I just hates having bandages on my heads. It's dumb and I can't run around a lot cuz it feels strange-o.

Howoofers, I is glad that the bear arm is gone. Yays!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tummy gurgles

I was playing with my little blue bear that I like to throw and catch and run around with and I decided to chew the arm off. He didn't need it! But then I ates it. I never doned that befores. Mommy was worried, and I thought she was being silly. It didn't taste so good, but what's the harm?

Then I started to get tummy gurgles. Me hopes that I gets rid of this yukky feeling soon. Mommy says maybe when I go potty tomorrows.


I is very very happy cuz I hads a yummy dindins last night. Mommy told me that it is a special day called Krismas. I was jealous cuz Scooter got some prezzies and I didn't, but it's okay because we got this yummy dindins that was turkey! Mommy and Patrick had turkey toos, but different kind (mine was in a can). I kinda wanted Mommy's turkey, and she shared a little bit! Whee! And some potatoes too!!! I spent a lot of time asking for more turkeys, but mommy said no. Pooh on mommy.

After dindins Scooter and me gots to go on walkies, and then we got some more chewies! The ones that are like ears, cuz they's my favorites. Me don't remmeber what kinds but mommy says something about cows's ears. I is confoosed because I looked on the pooter to see a cow's, but they didn't look like the ears I like at all! Patrick taught me compooter stuff while mommy was away. A cow's on the pooter looks like this, and the cow's ears me loves to chew is like this. Scooter stole mine, and I stole his, and then we switched again. I guesses we were too loud about it, cuz mommy and patrick scolded a bunch of times for the snarls and growls. But we was just playing... mostly.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shopping iz fuun

Hi theres! Me is feeling muchos better, even though my mommy keeps putting dumb stuffs in my ears. And I thinks that she is still worried sometimes, cuz I guess I have been having some bleeeding still. But to celebrate, mommy and Patrick and Scooter and me went to one of my favoritest places. It's called PetSmart - but it's confooosing cuz mommy says that we is going to PetSmart, but every time it's sometimes a different place! But there's always good smells there.And even more importantly there's always good yummies that mommy buys me when I is there. Sometimes there's even yummys from people who work there.

Today Patrick bought me a prezzie. It was the biggest rawhides bones that I ever sawed! It was bigger than I is. I chewed it for awhiles. But then I got bored. But then I came back. And then I got boreds again. It's going to take muchos of time for me to beat this chewie!

Today was a good day. Me like good days, with lots of chewies and lots of time with mommy and Scooter and Patrick. Yay!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stooopid vet

I is sooo mad. This morning my mommy woke up and I was dripping blood around so she gots worried. She took me to the vet, and even missed work and forgot to have breakfast! I stayed there for awhiles, and the vet stuck a cotton stick in my ear and gots yukky stuff out from deep down where my mommy couldn't see it. She said it was the same as last times i had a problem, but worser. On tops of all that, I gots shots and cwap in my nose and back and leg and some stuff done weird to my butt. I was so scared... and I started to drip mores and mores.

Mommy held me, but I shook my head a lot cuz my ears was bothering me. And I got blood alllllllllll overs. Even on the walls! Then the vet came back and I got bloods on her too. Then she took me and put this dumb stuff on me, and now I'm sad. Stoopid mommy for taking me to the vets. Afterwards, we went to mommy's mommy's house, which I like, but today I couldn't play at all. Gracie was happy to see me, but she knew I was not feeling good too. It feels weird to walk with all that stuff on my heads. I's just laying around the bed all day and all night. When these bandages come off mommy is in for some crazy doggie hyperness!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Akkk it's cold and snowy! Well, not anymores, but mommy took too long to get her pixturs on to the pooter, so I am blogging about this nows, even though it's not snowy anymores! But it was snowys. I'd forgot about snowys, which is silly cuz when I was first learning to potty outside it was snowys. My mommy made jokes about yellow snow. I don't get it, but she's kinda weird. But it was snowys again! I thought it was strange for awhiles, but I figured out it out now.
My mommy put this stoopid thingy on me before we went outside doors and I hate it. But then I was glad cuz it was bbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr outside and I stayed a little warmer with the snowy suit on. Then my paws started being cold too and we had to go inside. I looked at my mommy really really sad-like, and she figured out that I was cold.
Then the nextest day it was all gone! I was gladdest cuz of no more cold paws, but saddest cuz it was fun to play in. And I'd just figured out how to potty in it, and it went away! Mommy says it'll come back, and so do Scooter and Patrick. Scooter played lots in the snow too! Me guesses that its snowy time now, since iz always cold outside. Gotts to go have some snackies now! Byes!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Berfday to me! (and Gracie)

Last Saturday on the firstest day of the lastest month of this year, mommy told me it was my birthday! She seemed so excited! So of courses I got excited alsos. I jumped and gave kisses and then we gots to go to Wylie Waggs, a great store just for doggies! Scooter and Patrick came too. It smelled so yummy in there, and when mommy wasn't looking I put my face in the display of treats (but didn't manage to grab any… *sigh*).

But it's okies cuz then mommy bought me a fluffy toy that makes a noise, and a cookie shaped like a paw! Patrick bought cookies shaped like bones. And we bought a prezzie for Gracie (I wanted to eat it, but mommy said it was for Gracie, so I guess that's okay).

Then the nextest day I thought that berfday was over, but mommy said we celebrates all the weekend long! Mommy put my sweatshirt on me cuz iz cold as a puppy nose outside! Then we went to Auntie Julie's house and got to see Gracie!

Scooter came with me, and we had a parteeee. I's never really had a partee before, cept maybe when Auntie Julie had one awhile ago. But this partee was sooo much cooler cuz we gots to eat cake! Auntie Julie made this peanut butter carrrotty cakey with frosting and it was sooooo yummy we ate it all up quick! It was so good that I didn't even mind those silly hats that mommy made us wear.

I guesses that berfday is a good thing. I hopes I gets another one soon!

Monday, November 5, 2007

I is learning to drive the vroomie!

My mommy drives the vroomie a lots, and I likes to look out the window at the stuffs going by sooper fast. The other day I was soooo excited that suddenly I was helping drive! I putted my paws on the thingy sticking out of the floor that mommy uses when she starts the car.

I was just trying to help but I thinks mommy was... not mad, but she was weird and kinda mad maybe. But I thinks that really she wasn't mad, she was just helping me to learn how to use the vroomie, cuz she knows that I loves it tons.

Anywhats, Scooter is chewing on my chewie, I gots to go steal it back now before he eats it all up and none left for Charley! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is my intimidating face

Hee hee... I'm really a nice doggie, but my mommy found this old picture of me making my intimidating face. Sometimes a doggie has to be all mean looking just in case some scary stuff happenses. Gracie and me practices this look all the times when we play. Just very quick, so mom doesn't worry, but she caught us this time! And another time (cuz there's two pixturs).

But don't be worried, cuz I is really a very nice doggie. My bestest friend Scooter and i does this too, but I don't haves some pictures of it. When gracie is over sometimes he just takes the chewies while we play.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Visit from my sister!

Had a visit from my sister last night... yay funtimes! It was a good day... I didn't see mommy much, but I made her late to work again *grin* and then she came to get me later and took me to play with Scooter! Scooter's daddy got us some cool chewies, and he took us to the doggie park to run lots and lots. He also gave mes some dindins, which was great cuz I was huuuuuuungry. No chiken thoughs. Oh well.

But then mommy came and got me, and I was happy to see her, but sad to leave Scooter! I was bored at home while she was making some fooods and not sharing ANY with me! But then a boom at the door and GRACIE GOT HERE! I was all ready for sleepies, and then instead I played and played and played. I even licked aunt Julie's face for like ages and ages. It was super fun. Then we got tireded and fell to sleepies on the big black bed... it's sooooooooooooo comfy!
P.S. my bumpies are gone. Methinks it was bug bites.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I has bumpies on my back. I don't knows where they cames from, and they don't hurt me, but my mommy is worried. They ares making my fur look weird, and there's bunches of them.

I hopes they goes away soonish.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looking out the window is fuuuun

Guess whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 'Member how I said that the new big couch smelld yummy but I was sad cuz I couldn't get up on top to watch the outsides anymore? Well... I figured it out! I can still sit up top to watch, it's just squishy. But it's kinda a cool sort of squishy. Anyhooos, here's picturegraphically prooving evidence that I know how to look out the window again. I'm sooper happy.

Alsos I have more picturesquegraphiconical showings of why i loves looking out the window so much! Look at what you can see! Its' all pretty and bright and there's birdses and squirrels and peoples and doggies. It's super very cool and stuffs.

Now that I finished updating you on the window I guess I'll tell you about my sister Gracie who is so great. She looks the same as me but she is the color that my face is all over her body. And she's kinda girly looking. I am very masculini. Like a boy puppy should be! But Gracie is my sister and I love her tons and tons and tons. She's sooper cool to play with, and her mommy comes over with her sometimes and we get to play for a whole day! Today my mommy took Gracie and me on a loooong walkies. We went down paths we never did befores, but there was lots of good new stuffs to smell, so I liked it a lot. I hope we go walkies in the new places again soon.

Time for nappies, I is vewwy tired.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cozy Nest

I discovered something new and fabulouso a little while ago and I forgot to tell you all about it. How could I? Telling you about stuff is what a bloggie is for, or so says mommy. I guess maybe I was busy eating. or thinking about eating. Or begging for chicken. Mmmm... chicken.

Anyhoooooooooooos my mommy was ignoring me and I was really sad, but I guess that maaaaybe she had stuff to do? She went downstairsed and when she came back she had a big white basket in her arms. She put it on the floor and I had to go sniffy. It looked like clothes, but smelld... like there was never a doggie anywheres near them. How weird? Mommy dumpt the basket all out on the couch and went to find the clicky for the picture box. I took a closer look... and feel... it was all warm! Mommy keeps it waaaaaaaaay too cold in the house so I was a little bit freezing. So what does a freezing puppy do when he finds something warm? Bees happy and climbs right in! Mommy came back and laughed and took a picture of me. nothing funny about warm cozy! It's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. She said somethings about washing the clothes again. Maybe she'll do it every day so I have a nice warm bed to burrow in!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Suprise visit today! I was sleeping (shhhh... don't tell mommy, I want her to think I'm pining away when she's gone so she comes home fast!!) and I heard the scraping at the door that always happens before it opens and mommy comes home. I scrambled up, all ready to be jumpy and excited and make mommy take me out to play. Then I saw that it wasn't mommy. It was my mommy's mommy! Yay! I got so excited that I think I made some potty on the floor. But she didn't get mad. I got to go outside, but it was wet and yucky so I came in fast. Mommy's mommy petted me and rubbed me and kept me company for awhile. Then she left. I'm sad now. But I'm gonna go back to sleep and get ready to greet mommy when she comes home later. I hope she hasn't abandonedd her Charley. I'm too cute to be forgotten!

Monday, September 10, 2007

New furniture!

So my mommy brought home some new furniture the other day. It's big and black and fluffy and kinda smells like something I wanna chew. My mommy really seems to like it though, so I'd probably be in big trouble if I chewed... but it smells so yummy!

The only part thats yucky is that I can't look out the window anymore! The new furniture is all fluffy on top so I fall off when I try to be on top of it. Who's gonna watch for the squirrels and people and all the stuff to bark at?!

I took a little sleepie on it yesterday, wrapped in a blankie. It was comfy. Then Patrick came over and brought CHICKEN CHEWIES!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New doggie park?

Hihihihihihihihihi! I have sooooooo much good things to tell you about fun times that I got to have a few days ago!

Auntie Julie and Gracie came to visit and then we all got in the vroomie together. I kept looking and looking and I didn't know where we were vrooming to. Mommy was excited though. I asked Gracie and she didn't know either.

We got to this place with lots of trees and grass and people and... doggies! We were at Scout's house! It was just like the doggie park, but with more room for running around. Scooter and I did lots of running. Then we found a spot on the ground that smelled soooooooooo cool. I had to roll and wiggle and try so hard to get some of that smell to come with me. And I did! Mommy was mad... dunno why cuz it smelled so great!

There was more great smelly stuff all over. Then I smelled some stuff I knew... those long meaty yummy thingys... I think they are called hot doggies, but they don't look or smell liek doggies so i guess I'm confuoosed. Someone different was making them smell so good, but they smelled the same as when mommys daddy does it. Then there were all types of smells and the people were sitting down with all those smells way up high! I just had to get some of that yummy meat stick. I was soooo patient, and only jumped a little. Mommy gave me a little taste! But then when she got up Gracie jumped up on her chair and made everyone laugh... but I think her mommy got a little mad. But the meaty yumyum was soooo good I wish I could have it every day!

It was a super fun time, I hope I get to go back soon!

Friday, August 31, 2007

I looooooooooove the doggie park

So my mommy (her name is Samantha but I just call her mommy) took me to the doggie park today. I haven't really said stuff about my mommy yet or even told you about me yet, but Samantha is mommy. What was I blogging? Oooo mommy took me to the doggie park. The first time I went to the doggie park was scary. The second time too. But now I love it so much that I jump all around and even sometimes drive mommy crazy when I get so excited when I know where we were going. Today was special though, cuz my sister Gracie and my best friend Scooter came too! Gracie's mommy (my auntie?) leaves the windows down in the vroomie and so I got to sniff around all outside on the way there. Scooter was kinda scared cuz he doesn't get to usually put his head outside of the vroomie when his daddy drives. I didn't used to like it, but then when I saw Gracie do it so much she was having fun and I tried too and it was great!

I loooooooooooooove running around with all the other doggies but today there was so much going on I kinda forgot to play too much with Gracie and Scooter and some of the other doggies. Every time I started to run I saw something new and fun to go sniff at! I found a chewie that my mommy wasn't happy about so she took it away, which made me sad. But then I forgot about it till now. Now I'm a little sad again. Oooooh is that chicken I smell? I love chicken. What was I talking about? I love chewies. Gracie ate some green stuff and her mommy got mad too, but when you have a rumble in your tummy you have to put something in it. I learned that when I was a very baby puppy. Sometimes even when there's no rumble it's fun to chew and then the stuffs just ends up in the tummy by mistakes, but I like that too.

Kinda sleepie now. I loooooooooove this blog! I'm very up on all the latest stuff, like bloggies. I is extra mucho smart.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hi, my name is Charley and I'm an (almost) 10 month old dachshund mix! My friend Scooter has a bloggie and so I got jealous. My mom said I could have one too... but it took a looooooooot of convincing. I had to be super cute for ages and she finally gave in! Hmm... the most importantest thingie about me to know is that my mommy never feeds me. Never. I'm always soooo hungry. Please give me some food!? Haha, just joking a little bit, she feeds me, but I'm always hungry anyway! My favorite food is peanut butter, chicken, bacon, kibble, leaves, ice cubes, cheese, fruit, steak, rice, chicken chips, duck chips, chicken tenders, liver treats... hehe I could go on for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. I'm so excited thinking about all this food I gotta jump around a bit. Whee!!!
I'll be back to tell you all about my life very soon! Try not to miss me too much!