Friday, December 28, 2007

Bear Arm Gone!

The bear arm is no longer stuck in my tummy!! It came up last nights, and it was all big and weird looking. It was yukky and hard to get up, but Patrick helped me. And now I feels much better. Excepting for the one thing...

My head started bleeding again. Stoopid ear infection. Mommy put a bandage and a sock on my heads again. And that stoopid cone. Mommy called the vet and has an appointment with a new vet to try and get the bleeding to stop starting all the times. But I doesn't care... I just hates having bandages on my heads. It's dumb and I can't run around a lot cuz it feels strange-o.

Howoofers, I is glad that the bear arm is gone. Yays!

1 comment:

Lorenza said...

Hi, Charley!
Glad to hear that you got rid of that arm!
But its sad that you are still having ear problems!
Wearing those cones is not fun but sure I hope it helps you!
Have a good night