Thursday, December 6, 2007

Happy Berfday to me! (and Gracie)

Last Saturday on the firstest day of the lastest month of this year, mommy told me it was my birthday! She seemed so excited! So of courses I got excited alsos. I jumped and gave kisses and then we gots to go to Wylie Waggs, a great store just for doggies! Scooter and Patrick came too. It smelled so yummy in there, and when mommy wasn't looking I put my face in the display of treats (but didn't manage to grab any… *sigh*).

But it's okies cuz then mommy bought me a fluffy toy that makes a noise, and a cookie shaped like a paw! Patrick bought cookies shaped like bones. And we bought a prezzie for Gracie (I wanted to eat it, but mommy said it was for Gracie, so I guess that's okay).

Then the nextest day I thought that berfday was over, but mommy said we celebrates all the weekend long! Mommy put my sweatshirt on me cuz iz cold as a puppy nose outside! Then we went to Auntie Julie's house and got to see Gracie!

Scooter came with me, and we had a parteeee. I's never really had a partee before, cept maybe when Auntie Julie had one awhile ago. But this partee was sooo much cooler cuz we gots to eat cake! Auntie Julie made this peanut butter carrrotty cakey with frosting and it was sooooo yummy we ate it all up quick! It was so good that I didn't even mind those silly hats that mommy made us wear.

I guesses that berfday is a good thing. I hopes I gets another one soon!

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