Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Akkk it's cold and snowy! Well, not anymores, but mommy took too long to get her pixturs on to the pooter, so I am blogging about this nows, even though it's not snowy anymores! But it was snowys. I'd forgot about snowys, which is silly cuz when I was first learning to potty outside it was snowys. My mommy made jokes about yellow snow. I don't get it, but she's kinda weird. But it was snowys again! I thought it was strange for awhiles, but I figured out it out now.
My mommy put this stoopid thingy on me before we went outside doors and I hate it. But then I was glad cuz it was bbbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrr outside and I stayed a little warmer with the snowy suit on. Then my paws started being cold too and we had to go inside. I looked at my mommy really really sad-like, and she figured out that I was cold.
Then the nextest day it was all gone! I was gladdest cuz of no more cold paws, but saddest cuz it was fun to play in. And I'd just figured out how to potty in it, and it went away! Mommy says it'll come back, and so do Scooter and Patrick. Scooter played lots in the snow too! Me guesses that its snowy time now, since iz always cold outside. Gotts to go have some snackies now! Byes!

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