Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Club?

So Mommy went to a Book Club meeting tonight (she says 'meeting' but I know she means 'party' - probably with chickens... I wishes doggies was invited!). Apparently Charley has been bad about writing in this bloggie. Oopsies!

It has been a sooper long day so all I can thinks about is sleepie peepies. Which reminds me: the reason I know that book club meetings is actually parties with chickens!

So not so long ago, my mommy said that it's her turn to have book club at her house. We was in Reston, and Mommy and Frank spent lots of time with foods and cleaning, and they kept saying that they wished Ginger and Speedy would stop letting their hairs out everywheres (I don't think that they can stop, I asked them). Then lots of peoples camed over! I barked a little at first, because I didn't know them all, but then I realized that peopels = FOODS!

The FOODS WAS AWESOME! There was cheese and crackers and potatoes and strawberries and one person brought a CHICKEN STEW! Oh man... it was the bestestest night of my life! My mommy has awesome friends that think I'm cute when I sit up on my butt and paw the air. Also when I make my eyes sooper big and licks my lips. Mommy and Frank don't fall for that anymores... but mommy's friends gaves me chicken, and potatoes, and cheese, and even fruits! I had sooooo much fun that I forgot I was at a party and fell asleep in Kay-tees lap... it was comfy. Then I woked up and got more foods!

I was so tired after all the excitement that I just jumped up on mommy's bed and fell asleep. Usually I sleeps all curled up in a ball to start, but I didn't bother that night... mommy thought it was funny so she took a pixtur and I'm posting it here. Don't I look like I's been asleep for hours?

Mommy had a pixtur of when I sleeped in a ball the normal way. I putted it at the top of this bloggie post so you can looks at the differences. I don't know why I do this, but I usually cover up my schnoz. It stays nice and warm that way...

I guesses it's time for bed: Mommy wants to use the compooter to do some kind of works or something silly like that. Charley is smart and he's going to BED!

Next time thoughs, I is going to post all about my favoritest toy in the world... my squeegie!!!