Sunday, December 18, 2011

I loves Birthdays!

Hi Everyones!

I has not updated in a long times, because my mommy hasn't been taking any good pictures. Also, Mommy and Frank keep going on adventures without Charley (gasp!). They went to Gettysburg, and mommy went to California, and they went to Mount Vernon lots of times... anyway.

Last weekend I gots to go to a birthday party! I thought it was a birthday party for Charley, but then found out it was for Jeanette. I got there sooper early with mommy and her friend Jenee, and we decorated all over. The theme was 'Margaritas and Munchies' - I never has had a margarita, but I loooove munchies! Everyone (except for Charley and Toby) got their own Margarita glasses to bring home with them! I asked mommy if i could have hers... she said no. Poopies.
I runned around all night (oh, I forgot to mention it was a sleep over!!) and hung out with everyones. Rachel brought her doggie named Toby who is also a hot doggie! We played a bit and then just kinda ignored each other. I spent a lot of time especially with Mo, who is sooper cool. I licked her nose a lot and we played and she rubbed my tummy!
Jeanette opened pressies (Charley didn't get any pressies... grrr) and everyone also played a game called Apples to Apples. I don't know why it is called thats - I loves apples! I did not see or smell one single apple (or even a little piece of an apple) the whole time! But everyones was laughing ad having fun, so I guess it's okay.
Everyone stayed up pretty late and had lots of margaritas and sangria and munchies (tacos, brownies, meatballs, dip, you name it!! I even gots some meatballs!!) Later on in the night time Jeanette and Amy and mommy were playing Disney Scene it and then fell asleep. I has the proof...
It was a really fun night! In the morning we had tacos and meatballs (I had some meatballs again) for breakfast... hee hee. Then my mommy thought it would be funny to wrap me up in 30th birthday caution tape... it wasn't MY birthday mommy!!
The whole nights was sooper awesome. I wish it was a birthday every single day!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today was the bestestest day of my whole life! And trust me, I has had some pretty awesome days. Today I went to Cox's Farm with Frank and Mommy. First, I got to has some watermelons. It was yummy. Then we went past lots of plants and stuff, which smelled cool. Then we went around the corner and saw... CHICKENS! Lots and lots of thems!

I was soooo excited that I barked a whole lot. Frank tried to make me stop but it was absolutely no use (he should know that by now). But I did try super hard to be quieter so I could stay with the chickens a bit longer.

Then we came homes and mommy and Frank wanted me to drink some water but I didn't really feel like it (I'm kinda scared of water, but don't tell anyone). So to convince me to drink some, we invented a new game! Bobbing for Kibbles! It's sooper fun! I has a video but can't upload it for some reason... I will try later.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Speedy is better!

So it's been sooper busy the last two weeks, but the bestest news is that Speedy is better! Not the same yet as he was before, but he's billions of times better than when he first came home from the hospitals.

The doctors said that he had a stroke-like event, and the better he gets the more we all thinks they was right.

He still has troubles with stairs and some walking stuff, so Frank bought a harness for him. Mommy and Frank fitted it on Speedy tonight. I HATES clothes, but this harness looks like fun. It has handles so people can pick him up if they has too!

All finished! We will test it out tonight when we go peepeedoodoo before beds. I will help by barking at anyone who tries to distract us. :-)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speedy is sick :-(

I has some bad news. Yesterday Mommy and Frank left to go to a wedding in Maryland, and we were at home. Speedy started acting strangely and I don't know why. Krista came over and she knowed immediately that something was not good with Speedy. It usually takes a little longer for Speedy and Ginger to stand up, but Speedy couldn't really stand up at all until Krista helped him. He was walking funny and he didn't look like he knowed what was going on eithers. And then when it was din din time, Speedy didn't want his! I was worried, but Krista laid down and petted Speedy and made him feel better until Cliff came. Cliff helped take Speedy to the car and said they was going to a place called the Hope Center. I was sad to see Speedy go away, but I hopes that the Hope Center helps him.

Mommy and Frank left the wedding as soon as they heards, and they drove fast back to see Speedy. Mommy said that he was trying to turn around in circles and couldn't pick up his paws right. The doctors are good and are taking good care of Speedy over the night time. He is still gone and I misses him lots. Mommy and Frank are going to see him later today. The doctors say it could be a tumor or it could be a 'stroke like event' - I don't know what that means, but I hopes he gets to come home soon. Please think good thoughts and send loves and huggles for Speedy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brunch Visit!

Another thing I has been doing a lot lately is visiting big mom and big dad. They lives in a different house and we have to go in the vroom vroom to get theres. Mommy says I has to stop crying so much when we is driving there, but I can't help it, I is sooo excited!

In March I gots to visit for brunch (it's like breakfast, but AGAIN!). I also got ot see my sister Gracie! I misses her, and I is glad she's coming back to the area soon so we can play lots!

When I is not playing with Gracie, my favorite thing to do at big mom and big dad's house is to look out the ginormous window in the kitchen. If I is lucky, I see some squirrels!!

We had lots of good foods. But none for Charley (well, except a few blueberries, but don't tell anybodies!)

And after most of it got eaten, I even got to sit at the table!

After long days of playing with Gracie I usually need a lot of sleep. Thank goodness for my Snoozer!

A favorite snack!

One thing I did lots of times in the last few months is have treats! It's one of my favoritest things in the whole wide worlds. And one of my favoritestest treats is chickens. But when there isn't any chickens, there's sometimes carrots! I thinks theys frozen carrots, because they's sooper cold. But they is sooooo yummy... a few weeks ago I got a really big one!

Since you has nothing better to do, hope you enjoy watching Charley has a carrot. Speedy looks sad, but don't be fooled! He already ate his carrot. I promise!

Lots of bloggie coming!!

I has been sooper busy, and my mommy has been sooper busy, so I has not been making posts on my bloggie. This happens ALL THE TIME, so I decided to get all my stuffs ready to go so I could make lots of updates the next time mommy let me use the compooter. And her we is! Mommy promised Charley that he could update this week - so hold your kibbles kids, here comes updates!

(I is hard at work typing, so this could take awhile)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Went to see the doctors!

Today I went to see the doctors. Not the people doctors, the doggie doctors. His name is Dr. Jamie Netschert and he's pretty cool I guess. Mommy likes him. He's a new doctor that I just started going to about a year and a halfs ago. He's much better than my old one. I went to like a billion other doctors when my ears was bleeding, and no one could tell me why! Before he even examined me, Dr. Netschert knew, the very first time I saw him, what was wrong! I has a very complicated ear problem. Mommy says it's called "seborrheic ear margin dermatitis" and it's from my mommy who was a dachshund. Well, not specifically from my mommy, but from many many dachshund mommies and daddies... it happens mostly in dachshunds. Weird. Anywhats, my doctor works at this place in Centreville. Here's a picture of Dr. Netschert (it would be a cooler picture if he was holding charley).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Club?

So Mommy went to a Book Club meeting tonight (she says 'meeting' but I know she means 'party' - probably with chickens... I wishes doggies was invited!). Apparently Charley has been bad about writing in this bloggie. Oopsies!

It has been a sooper long day so all I can thinks about is sleepie peepies. Which reminds me: the reason I know that book club meetings is actually parties with chickens!

So not so long ago, my mommy said that it's her turn to have book club at her house. We was in Reston, and Mommy and Frank spent lots of time with foods and cleaning, and they kept saying that they wished Ginger and Speedy would stop letting their hairs out everywheres (I don't think that they can stop, I asked them). Then lots of peoples camed over! I barked a little at first, because I didn't know them all, but then I realized that peopels = FOODS!

The FOODS WAS AWESOME! There was cheese and crackers and potatoes and strawberries and one person brought a CHICKEN STEW! Oh man... it was the bestestest night of my life! My mommy has awesome friends that think I'm cute when I sit up on my butt and paw the air. Also when I make my eyes sooper big and licks my lips. Mommy and Frank don't fall for that anymores... but mommy's friends gaves me chicken, and potatoes, and cheese, and even fruits! I had sooooo much fun that I forgot I was at a party and fell asleep in Kay-tees lap... it was comfy. Then I woked up and got more foods!

I was so tired after all the excitement that I just jumped up on mommy's bed and fell asleep. Usually I sleeps all curled up in a ball to start, but I didn't bother that night... mommy thought it was funny so she took a pixtur and I'm posting it here. Don't I look like I's been asleep for hours?

Mommy had a pixtur of when I sleeped in a ball the normal way. I putted it at the top of this bloggie post so you can looks at the differences. I don't know why I do this, but I usually cover up my schnoz. It stays nice and warm that way...

I guesses it's time for bed: Mommy wants to use the compooter to do some kind of works or something silly like that. Charley is smart and he's going to BED!

Next time thoughs, I is going to post all about my favoritest toy in the world... my squeegie!!!