Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today was the bestestest day of my whole life! And trust me, I has had some pretty awesome days. Today I went to Cox's Farm with Frank and Mommy. First, I got to has some watermelons. It was yummy. Then we went past lots of plants and stuff, which smelled cool. Then we went around the corner and saw... CHICKENS! Lots and lots of thems!

I was soooo excited that I barked a whole lot. Frank tried to make me stop but it was absolutely no use (he should know that by now). But I did try super hard to be quieter so I could stay with the chickens a bit longer.

Then we came homes and mommy and Frank wanted me to drink some water but I didn't really feel like it (I'm kinda scared of water, but don't tell anyone). So to convince me to drink some, we invented a new game! Bobbing for Kibbles! It's sooper fun! I has a video but can't upload it for some reason... I will try later.

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