Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gardening and going to a Vineyard!

This weekend has been hugely lots of fun! Gracie came to visit, and then I went to visit Gracie. I gots to play muchos with scooter, and then we did some new stuffs for the rest of the weekend which I is sooper excited to tell you about!!

Firsts, yesterdays mommy did something called gardening. She said that she didn't like the stuff growing outsides of the house and so she and Patrick dug everythings up (except the tree) and planted new flowers and stuffs. It looks lots better. And Scooter got to dig, so he was sooper happy.

Then today, we wents to a vineyard! It was called Loudoun Valley Vineyard. I don't know what a vine is. But I know what a yard is. It was not what I expected. There was no fences. But lots of grass and plants and people and doggies. Mommy said it was an event called "Bark and Wine" which means the doggies get to bark and walk around and the peoples get to have wines. I didn't get any wines. But when we got there, we went to a tent and mommy and Patrick got baggies that had goodies for me and Scooter! They had bandannas and water and cookies!

We took a walk around the vineyard and then hung out whiles mommy and Patrick had some wine and some foods from a picnic basket. They shared the foods but not the wine. The foods was good... they hads bread and brie and salami and grapes and apples and cookies. I got some of everything but the grapes and cookies.

By the times we was done, we was all pooped. It's a long but fun weekend. And mommy said she gets to stay home tomorrow from work. Hooray!