Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Inter-Nets!

Hi internets! This week has been different than usual, because my mommy has been home with Charley! (and Ginger, and Speedy) I asked her if she can stay home all the time but she said that she has to go to the work place. I don’t like the work place, because I is not allowed to go theres… so it must be a bad place.

Mommy has been acting kinda weird though, she sleeps a lot and doesn’t play as much with me, which is poopy. But Frank got me a prezzie for Hanukkah! It’s a Snoozer bed and it’s soooper awesome!

I sometimes sleep on top, sometimes on the “porch” which is really fluffy, and sometmes all the way in the back. It’s sooper warm and awesome. So that’s what’s been going on in Charley-land… I wishes I had more to say but it’s been boooooring here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Helloooo inter-nets!

Hi bloggie world! This is Charley! I has a lot of updates, but my mommy has been sooo sooper busy that I couldn't get on the compooter until nows. I had to beg and beg and be extra-specially-awesome to convince her, but here I am!

So I has been doing lots of fun stuff. I went to Oktoberfest about 1 weeks ago and it was pretty outside. Mommy and Frank and some of their friends let me have some of their pumpkin custard. No beers for Charley though. I met lots of doggies and barked at some ginormous aminals that mommy said are called horsies.

A while befores that, I went to a house that is sooper big! Frank says it was George's house: he was a Prezzi-Dent and his house is called Mount Vernon. Mommy wanted to read her book (boring) but it meant that Ginger and Speedy and Charley got to play outside in George's backyard while she read her book and Frank explored inside the houses (no puppies allowed in the houses... stoopid rules). Here is a pixtur; George's house is in the background.

A whiles before we went to the big backyard (I wishes it had a fence so I could run all over the place... but I had to stay with Mommy... oh well), Frank went to a place called Wylie Waggs and got new toys! Then mommy got some halloweenie toys at Weber's! I loooooooooooves toys! So much that mommy pulled them into a pile all around Charley and even though I pretended to hate it at first, I went back to the pile and hung out in it all the times after. It's fun to be with my toys.

Alsos, this last weekend we had a visitor! His name was Felix, and he's sooper cool! I wuz worried at firsts because Frank said he liked him a lot and he was really awesome and stuffs... I was worried that he liked Felix more than Charley! But when Felix got here, I figured out that Frank was right. Felix is 13, but he is sooper cool and even though he wouldn't play with me I like him lots. Felix's mommy and daddy brought prezzies for Frank and Mommy, and an awesome toy for Charley!! (Mommy said it was for Ginger and Speedy too, but I know it is really for Charley) The toy was a monkee... it was cool and squeaky. I killed the big squeekie right away, but I'm saving the little ones for later.

Anyways, visitors are super-fun! I gots the extra treats that Felix didn't feel like eating (isn't that crazy? What doggie doesn't feel like eating ALL THE TIME?). We all got along great! Tonight Felix's mommy and daddy and a very small person named Kerry came and picked him up. We played for awhiles, and I got lots of pets. Kerry threw my squeegie and I chased her all around, it was awesome fun! Then they all left with Felix and Charley was sad... but mommy and Frank say that maybe we'll visit again soon!

Charley is veeery tired now. I runned three and one half miles with mommy and frank today! I don't know what a mile is... but everyones looks impressed when I tell them. I guess it's a long way?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I went potty all by myself!

Hello bloggie world! I has a great story for everyone today!

When I is living at Frank's house, we have a special place to go potty. We go out the front door, down the sidewalk, past two other houses, and then there is a biiiiig place that's all covered with grass! That's the place where Ginger, Speedy and Charley (I is Charley) goes potty (sometimes mommy calls it peepeedoodoo... silly mommy).

Today Mommy and Frank came homes, and sometimes when Frank comes homes he says he will take us outsides, but then somehow it takes FOREVER. Frank says he is taking us outsides, and then he picks up some papers, and then he washes some dishes, and then he cleans the doggie water bowl, and then who even knows! Today we was all ready to go and THEN Frank took a box that the mail mans brought and started to open it.

I knows that if I go potty inside I get in BIG trouble. And I really had to goes!! Frank was busy so I decided that I is a grown up Charley and I can go potty all by myselfs.

I knew exactly where to go! So I went. Right out the front door. The pixtur is not when I went by myself... mommy and Frank told me I should have a pixture for my bloggie so Frank went outside and mommy took a picture of my butt. I wish I had a pixtur of when I REALLY went outside by myself... I bet I looked much stealthier. And I wouldn't have taken a pixtur of my own butt.

I didn't have my collar or my tags on mes, so I ran sooper fast all the way to my peepeedoodoo spot. Then I heard mommy say "where is Charley?" (I has very great hearing). Then Mommy and Frank said that I had to be inside, so I heard them call "Charley!!" but they called like I was inside the house! I didn't want them to worry, so I ran back to mommy and Frank. They still thought I was inside... hee hee, but then I guess they were very worried so they opened the front door and looked outside just in time to see me come running sooper fast (I was like a speeding bullet... er.... speeding Charley?) straight down the sidewalk. I runned right up the steps and mommy and frank were soooo happy to see me! I got lots of pets and rubs and they said I was a good boy.

I think this means that it's okay to go outside and go peepeedoodoos all by myself all the times. I think I'll try it again tomorrow... hee hee.

Friday, April 23, 2010


YAAAAAAY!! This morning my mommy told me some really sooper news. My Auntie Julie and my sister Gracie had to move far aways (mommy says its not that far, but it's too far for them to come over all the time, so it's TOO FAR) for something silly called school. But sometimes we gets to go to where they lives now (in a big city!) and visit there! And this weekend we is going to visit! For a whole afternoon! I get to play with my sister and lick Auntie Julie's face lots and lots.

Yaaaaaay road trip!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Shelf

Hi bloggie friends! Last night, Frank and Mommy finally put up two shelfs that they got at the store a long long time agos. I didn't knows what they was going to puts there... but it looked nice. Here is a pixtur:

I wuz sooo bored when they was working on the shelfs that i tore apart a whole squeegie! It's in lots of little pieces with the insides on the outsides (and all over the floor now... hee hee). But when the finished with the shelfs I found out what they wanted to put on it...

They wanted to put Charley on it!!!! Then mommy said that she was kidding... and so i is be okay. I was only up theres for a minute. Long enough to take pixtures and laugh... I'll get them back though. I promise!