Friday, April 23, 2010


YAAAAAAY!! This morning my mommy told me some really sooper news. My Auntie Julie and my sister Gracie had to move far aways (mommy says its not that far, but it's too far for them to come over all the time, so it's TOO FAR) for something silly called school. But sometimes we gets to go to where they lives now (in a big city!) and visit there! And this weekend we is going to visit! For a whole afternoon! I get to play with my sister and lick Auntie Julie's face lots and lots.

Yaaaaaay road trip!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Shelf

Hi bloggie friends! Last night, Frank and Mommy finally put up two shelfs that they got at the store a long long time agos. I didn't knows what they was going to puts there... but it looked nice. Here is a pixtur:

I wuz sooo bored when they was working on the shelfs that i tore apart a whole squeegie! It's in lots of little pieces with the insides on the outsides (and all over the floor now... hee hee). But when the finished with the shelfs I found out what they wanted to put on it...

They wanted to put Charley on it!!!! Then mommy said that she was kidding... and so i is be okay. I was only up theres for a minute. Long enough to take pixtures and laugh... I'll get them back though. I promise!