Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots going on in Charley-land

Sowwy that I hasn't updated in a longs times. Mommy has been busy, which means that she doesn't let me update my bloggie. *sniff*

But there's been lots going on! Mommy says I don't have much times to update, so I gots to be as fast as I can. A whiles ago Mommy's Mommy and Daddy went away on a trip to another place far away. So we went to live at their house to help out while they were gones. Which means I gots to live with Gracie! For two whole weeks! We played and played and played lots, and got to go to Beth's every day to run around in her backyard (like a little doggie park) with Murphy. By the ends of the two weeks we was so tired we spended most of our time sleeping. Expecially when there was a sunbeam to sleep in.

Then last weekends Mommy and Patrick left me and Scooter at a Dogs Day Out for the whole weekends! I hasn't been theres for a long time. I forgotted it. I was so scared when mommmy left me that I peed on the floor. But I think it was okay. I got to runs around lots and lots all weekends with Scooter! Dogs Day Out is a nice place with fences to keep the big doggies from getting too close to me and Scooter. Mommy and Patrick went to New York to meet more peoples. But no doggies, so I don't mind. I wishes I could go with them though. Mommy said I would be scared of the plan. I isn't scared of nothing!

This week has been goods, with lots of visits to the doggie park. I has been playing fetch with mommy. Yay! I gots go now!