Friday, December 14, 2007

Stooopid vet

I is sooo mad. This morning my mommy woke up and I was dripping blood around so she gots worried. She took me to the vet, and even missed work and forgot to have breakfast! I stayed there for awhiles, and the vet stuck a cotton stick in my ear and gots yukky stuff out from deep down where my mommy couldn't see it. She said it was the same as last times i had a problem, but worser. On tops of all that, I gots shots and cwap in my nose and back and leg and some stuff done weird to my butt. I was so scared... and I started to drip mores and mores.

Mommy held me, but I shook my head a lot cuz my ears was bothering me. And I got blood alllllllllll overs. Even on the walls! Then the vet came back and I got bloods on her too. Then she took me and put this dumb stuff on me, and now I'm sad. Stoopid mommy for taking me to the vets. Afterwards, we went to mommy's mommy's house, which I like, but today I couldn't play at all. Gracie was happy to see me, but she knew I was not feeling good too. It feels weird to walk with all that stuff on my heads. I's just laying around the bed all day and all night. When these bandages come off mommy is in for some crazy doggie hyperness!

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