Friday, August 31, 2007

I looooooooooove the doggie park

So my mommy (her name is Samantha but I just call her mommy) took me to the doggie park today. I haven't really said stuff about my mommy yet or even told you about me yet, but Samantha is mommy. What was I blogging? Oooo mommy took me to the doggie park. The first time I went to the doggie park was scary. The second time too. But now I love it so much that I jump all around and even sometimes drive mommy crazy when I get so excited when I know where we were going. Today was special though, cuz my sister Gracie and my best friend Scooter came too! Gracie's mommy (my auntie?) leaves the windows down in the vroomie and so I got to sniff around all outside on the way there. Scooter was kinda scared cuz he doesn't get to usually put his head outside of the vroomie when his daddy drives. I didn't used to like it, but then when I saw Gracie do it so much she was having fun and I tried too and it was great!

I loooooooooooooove running around with all the other doggies but today there was so much going on I kinda forgot to play too much with Gracie and Scooter and some of the other doggies. Every time I started to run I saw something new and fun to go sniff at! I found a chewie that my mommy wasn't happy about so she took it away, which made me sad. But then I forgot about it till now. Now I'm a little sad again. Oooooh is that chicken I smell? I love chicken. What was I talking about? I love chewies. Gracie ate some green stuff and her mommy got mad too, but when you have a rumble in your tummy you have to put something in it. I learned that when I was a very baby puppy. Sometimes even when there's no rumble it's fun to chew and then the stuffs just ends up in the tummy by mistakes, but I like that too.

Kinda sleepie now. I loooooooooove this blog! I'm very up on all the latest stuff, like bloggies. I is extra mucho smart.

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