Thursday, October 11, 2007

Visit from my sister!

Had a visit from my sister last night... yay funtimes! It was a good day... I didn't see mommy much, but I made her late to work again *grin* and then she came to get me later and took me to play with Scooter! Scooter's daddy got us some cool chewies, and he took us to the doggie park to run lots and lots. He also gave mes some dindins, which was great cuz I was huuuuuuungry. No chiken thoughs. Oh well.

But then mommy came and got me, and I was happy to see her, but sad to leave Scooter! I was bored at home while she was making some fooods and not sharing ANY with me! But then a boom at the door and GRACIE GOT HERE! I was all ready for sleepies, and then instead I played and played and played. I even licked aunt Julie's face for like ages and ages. It was super fun. Then we got tireded and fell to sleepies on the big black bed... it's sooooooooooooo comfy!
P.S. my bumpies are gone. Methinks it was bug bites.


scooter said...

Charleys yous sillies, it wasn't bug bites it was pimples. You's becoming a teenagers. Say hi to gracie!!!

BTW daddy said he's got something cute with us ons it for Samanamananthas :-)

Charley said...

Whats pimples?!?!?! I said hi to gracie for you - she got excited and I think says hi back.

Anonymous said...

hey there!
nice to meet ya~!