Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This is my intimidating face

Hee hee... I'm really a nice doggie, but my mommy found this old picture of me making my intimidating face. Sometimes a doggie has to be all mean looking just in case some scary stuff happenses. Gracie and me practices this look all the times when we play. Just very quick, so mom doesn't worry, but she caught us this time! And another time (cuz there's two pixturs).

But don't be worried, cuz I is really a very nice doggie. My bestest friend Scooter and i does this too, but I don't haves some pictures of it. When gracie is over sometimes he just takes the chewies while we play.

1 comment:

scooter said...

Charley your a butt head, you's not scary at alls. Me bite your butt! :-p