Monday, September 10, 2007

New furniture!

So my mommy brought home some new furniture the other day. It's big and black and fluffy and kinda smells like something I wanna chew. My mommy really seems to like it though, so I'd probably be in big trouble if I chewed... but it smells so yummy!

The only part thats yucky is that I can't look out the window anymore! The new furniture is all fluffy on top so I fall off when I try to be on top of it. Who's gonna watch for the squirrels and people and all the stuff to bark at?!

I took a little sleepie on it yesterday, wrapped in a blankie. It was comfy. Then Patrick came over and brought CHICKEN CHEWIES!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

1 comment:

scooter said...

Hey Charley, me likes your couch too!
Daddy has a fluffy one at home, but me likes the grey fufon or something. It's nice to chew on. I think you can probably chew on yours too. If you want I can help you chew its.