Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cozy Nest

I discovered something new and fabulouso a little while ago and I forgot to tell you all about it. How could I? Telling you about stuff is what a bloggie is for, or so says mommy. I guess maybe I was busy eating. or thinking about eating. Or begging for chicken. Mmmm... chicken.

Anyhoooooooooooos my mommy was ignoring me and I was really sad, but I guess that maaaaybe she had stuff to do? She went downstairsed and when she came back she had a big white basket in her arms. She put it on the floor and I had to go sniffy. It looked like clothes, but smelld... like there was never a doggie anywheres near them. How weird? Mommy dumpt the basket all out on the couch and went to find the clicky for the picture box. I took a closer look... and feel... it was all warm! Mommy keeps it waaaaaaaaay too cold in the house so I was a little bit freezing. So what does a freezing puppy do when he finds something warm? Bees happy and climbs right in! Mommy came back and laughed and took a picture of me. nothing funny about warm cozy! It's niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. She said somethings about washing the clothes again. Maybe she'll do it every day so I have a nice warm bed to burrow in!

1 comment:

scooter said...

Hey Charley me likes sleeping in fresh stuss as well. Daddy gets annoyed but me don't care. Can I snuggles up in your cozy nest next times?

Can we also has squirrels there toos?