Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I loves doxie meetups!

Hihihi to everybodies out in the bloggie world! I has been sooper busies as usual, but I has to share something cools I did the other days.

Mommy sometimes takes me to something called a doxie meetup. It's like a big party for just long doggies like I is. This time it was at a person called Brookes house. Brookes house has a pool! I got there and I remembered it from last year. I learned to swim in her pool last year. This time I was still scared but not as much scared. Mommy put me in a few times. I think I might have liked it but not quite enough to jump in myself yet. There were doggies everywheres, and there was even doggie cheesecake! Mommy shared some of her hot doggie too.

Here is a pixtur of me swimming. Patrick says that the caption should be "Up, Periscope!"

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Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

hihi Charley,

Mona here. Where you been?
I've been messing ya. You look great swimming. Da ya thinks you could come over here & teach me and the Dachsies how to swim. I'm in the country visiting with Roxie, Sammy & Andy for the holiday. I'm blogging fron their blog this weekend.

We all wish was here with us and then maybe we'd getin the pool.

Lots of love from all of us....Mona