Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Went to see the doctors!

Today I went to see the doctors. Not the people doctors, the doggie doctors. His name is Dr. Jamie Netschert and he's pretty cool I guess. Mommy likes him. He's a new doctor that I just started going to about a year and a halfs ago. He's much better than my old one. I went to like a billion other doctors when my ears was bleeding, and no one could tell me why! Before he even examined me, Dr. Netschert knew, the very first time I saw him, what was wrong! I has a very complicated ear problem. Mommy says it's called "seborrheic ear margin dermatitis" and it's from my mommy who was a dachshund. Well, not specifically from my mommy, but from many many dachshund mommies and daddies... it happens mostly in dachshunds. Weird. Anywhats, my doctor works at this place in Centreville. Here's a picture of Dr. Netschert (it would be a cooler picture if he was holding charley).


powder-puff said...

Hey Charley,

Glad to hear you're in good health, besides those pesky ears. Hope they get better soon!

Lots of love

eatsleewrite said...

OMG/ i/ am/ a/ mommy/ daschund/ and/ now/ / have/ 2/ crusty/ ears,/ my/ human/ mommy/ calls/ me/ crusty/ until/ she/ became/ worried/ as/ my/ tips/ of/ ears/ are/ gone!/ i/ am/ so/ pleased/ to/ know/ i/ won't/ loose/ my/ ears!/ / have/ to/ go/ to/ the/ vet/ for/ a/ tooth/ problem/ and/ my/ ears!/ Hope/ you/ are/ feelng/ better!/ My/ daughter/ Bell/ and/ husband/ Chance/ and/ my/ son/ Romeo/ all/ have/ nice/ ears....Mommy/ Daschunds/ have/ it/ tough!