Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Berfday!

My moms daddy (we call him Big Dad) had a berfday last weekend! Charley got to go with Frank and Mommy to their house to celebrate. I gots to play with my sister Gracie, and then the peoples went to a moovie called Skyfall. I asked if I could go cuz I heard that if the sky is falling there might be a little chicken involved, but they said no.
It's okay though, cuz I still got to play with Gracie, and I also got to get some yummies when everyone got home and made dindins. After dinners, Big Dad made fancy coffees (cappuccinos and espressos and lungos).
Then the peoples had cupcakes from a bakery that does yummy ones that were red velvet, mango, and peanut butter cup. No cupcakes for Charley and Gracie :-(
They had sooper cool candles - the flames were colors! I would have gotten a closer look but I'm not allowed in the fancy eating room. I think Big Mom thought they were cool too.
Happy Berfday Big Dad! Maybe next year you'll share your cake with Charley?

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