Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Traveling Charley and the Big Chicken!!!

Hi everybody! I know I hasn't been writing much in my bloggie lately, but I has a big update! It's almost holiday time, and I looooves holidays! Usually there is lots of foods, lots of sleeping, and lots of fun with peoples. Yesterday, Frank went to Gettysburg, PA where he likes to go to visit the battlefields, and he took Charley with him! Frank took lots of fotos of Charley exploring the battlefields. I is good at posing for fotos, but I was distracted by all the cool stuffs around to look at and sniff!
Frank says that I look like I'm on a velvet pillow in this foto. I think it needs to be softer.
I got to be King of the Mountain at Little Round Top. I don't understand the name, because it was not very little, and did not look round. But it was fun to be high up!
And since it was a battlefield, of course I had to get a foto of me with a flag.
The best part is that on the way home, we stopped in Maryland at a big chicken farm! My mom says it's a terkee, but it just looks like a big chicken to me! When we gots home at night time, Mommy helped so I could get a close up look.
Dunno why I needed to be soopervized. It's not like I wanted to lick it. Or maybe just a little.
I tried to claim the big chicken for Charley. I don't think it worked.
Then I got even more confused cuz mommy and frank made some yummy stuff (they said it's called 'brine') and then put the chicken in a bag with it. It looked less like a chicken... but I'm still willing to eat it!
It's been a good fun few days! Tomorrow we gets to eat the big chicken! Hooray!

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