Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Chicken Day!

Today was the day we ate the big chicken!! It cooked in the ovens for hours and hours. Mommy said it was really Thanks-giving... I is thankful that Mommy and Frank is giving me some big chickens! I hate waiting, but I was patient and asked nicely for my serving.
When it came out of the ovens, we had to wait even longer! Mommy made some gravee, and heated up the other foods that she and Frank made. It smelled soooo yummy! When I got a look at it, it looked pretty yummy too!
Frank and Mommy got a new terkey platter and it's pretty cool. It came from Pottery Barn. A barn with no chickens. Weird.
Charley got a special dindins with some terkey, some gravy, and some creamed spinach. I was so excited I might have accidentally flung kibbles across the room and got some spinach on the wall... but I cleaned up every bit! My plate was not as pretty as Mommy's:
When we was done, there was a lot left. Frank likes leftovers. I think that they should have shared more with Charley.
I wish every day was big chicken eating day!


Lorenza said...

It looks yummilicious!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
Kisses and hugs

Charley said...

Thanks Lorenza! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!